Electric Fencing    

A very common fence that is both
versatile &

Electric Fencing is without doubt the most effective perimeter security feature any property can possibly have. This is simply because it is effectively alarming the perimeter (no other fencing application offers this feature).

What keeps criminals out is NOT the shock factor but rather that the perimeter boundary is ALARMED. No criminal wants to try to break into a property when the alarm is sounding before their feet even land on the ground. They would rather like to know that they can get to the front door or a window before they have to start worrying about an alarm system.

Furthermore, there is also a psychological deterring factor – the physical fence that is inherently difficult to climb, the fact that they will get shocked as well as the alarm feature.

Alliance Security Fencing is arguably KZN’s premier electric fencing installer. We have developed and introduced many trends in the market that our competitors eventually adopt. We have developed equipment and materials that are specifically designed for the coastal climate and our installation technique is unmatched. Our staff are COC certified.

ASF has a dedicated electric fencing division with its own installation teams as well as a dedicated maintenance and repairs division. A technician is guaranteed to be on-site for a repair/quote within 16 working hours (we do offer a weekend/public holiday service at an additional charge).

Specs and Features

 Inherently stable system (unlike beams)

 Extremely effective

 Is a self contained alarm system (includes a siren)

 Can be linked to your security company

 Operates 24/7 (turned off only for maintenance)

 Highly adaptable

 Low running cost (approximately R20/month)

 Low maintenance (vegetation needs to be kept clear)

 Safe (non-lethal and no permanent damage from a shock)

 Long battery back-up is standard equipment(for load shedding/power cuts)

 Aesthetically pleasing (not highly noticeable)