Walltop Electric Fencing    

The most effective
perimeter security
anyone can have.

We have, without doubt, the highest quality walltop fencing system in KZN. We only use 19X19mm galvanized square tube brackets and ring insulator bobbins (designed for coastal conditions). One of our most recent innovations that we have introduced to the market is a 9 strand bracket – the bottom 3 bobbins are closer together than the traditional 10cm, resulting in a fence far more difficult to tamper with.

With straight bracket installations, we use 32X32mm galvanized square tubing for the straining points, as they are far stronger and require no stays for bracing, and this equates to a much neater installation. The highest grade stainless steel wire (1.2mm) is coupled with the industry leading tensioners, isolators and ferruls to fashion the end product. Some of our most effective and interesting hardware and installation techniques are unfortunately closely guarded trade secrets and thus cannot be presented here.

Walltop electric fencing can be attached to almost any fence type (wire, brick, palisade etc.) and is only limited by compliance legislation that is applicable. Correctly installed, it offers a formidable barrier and early warning system.

Brackets can be side mounted to the existing fence, and where bolts are exposed (such as a roadside boundary), we can offer tamper-proof nuts (also called snap-off nuts). With brick walls, brackets can also be mounted “ín-wall” whereby we epoxy each bracket into the top of the wall. We also offer custom fencing to suit a customer’s needs, a common request is a more discreet roadside fence that has a low profile.

Electric fencing brackets are attached to gates and open with the gates (both sliding and swing gates) offering no hindrance to vehicle access.

Specs and Features

 Inherently stable system (unlike beams)

 Extremely effective

 Is a self contained alarm system (includes a siren)

 Can be linked to your security company

 Operates 24/7 (turned off only for maintenance)

 Highly adaptable

 Low running cost (approximately R20/month)

 Low maintenance (vegetation needs to be kept clear)

 Safe (non-lethal and no permanent damage from a shock)

 Long battery back-up is standard equipment(for load shedding/power cuts)

 Aesthetically pleasing (not highly noticeable)