Clear View    

One of the most sophisticated
fencing systems.

Clear View fencing is considered to be one of the most sophisticated fencing systems available and is both attractive and effective. It is more commonly installed in business parks, housing estates and at homes where aesthetics is of the utmost importance.

Designed to create a clear view through the fence, it consists of thick wire panels that are coated in an advanced protective layer (marine fusion bond), and is most commonly ordered in the green. The wires are spaced apart in such a way that it allows a clear view through yet won’t allow for fingers to pass between (rendering the fence impossible to climb). It is also designed to be extremely difficult to cut. The fence panels have built in pressed ribs to increase rigidity and strength and the posts and clamps are especially designed to be tamper-proof.

This fencing system is installed level (stepped).

Specs and Features

 1.8 high (most common height)

 Difficult to cut

 Difficult to climb

 Internal Fixtures (Anti-Vandal)

 Highly Transparent

 Neat, Sophisticated appearance

 Green finish (other colours available)