Diamond Razor Mesh    

An aggressive deterrent that visually
sends a strong message

Diamond Razor Mesh fencing is an aggressive deterrent that visually sends a strong message. Without protective gear and heavy duty equipment, it is a difficult barrier to penetrate and almost impossible to climb.

Diamond Razor Mesh fencing is a complete security fence requiring no additional top option. We recommend a minimum height of 2.1m (2.4m is also available). Made from Razor Ripper Wire (next generation razor wire), it is incredibly sharp and difficult to cut. It is normally installed with CCA treated gum poles (75-100mm, SABS) and straining wire.

This type of fencing system is commonly installed where there is thick bush, in industrial areas and where land neighbours onto high risk areas (rivers, vacant land etc).
Many options are available, including square/round galvanized steel posts and base plates (for attachment to concrete floors).

This fencing system follows the gradient thus offering a consistent fence height throughout.

Specs and Features

 Made from Next Generation Razor Wire

 High tensile steel reinforced core for maximum strength

 More difficult to cut, sharper, longer blades


 2.1m high (most common height)

 Virtually impossible to climb

 A complete fence

 Powerful barrier with neat appearance

 3.15mm , galvanized straining wire

 CCA treated gum poles (SABS), 75-100mm diameter

 Every pole cemented into ground

 Highly adaptable fence (e.g: Steel posts and base plates for factory/bonded store)