Eco Secure Mesh    

One of our most
sought after fencing systems

Eco Secure Mesh fencing was conceptualized and introduced to the market by ASF and has since become one of our most sought after fencing systems.

It is comprised of 2.5mm galvanized Weldmesh fencing that is coated in a green 3mm UV stabilized polymer. This is coupled with 50mm galvanized square tube posts that are epoxy powder coated green. The result is an affordable yet attractive fence that is both durable and effective.

Specs and Features

 1.8m high (only)

 2.5mm wire, Standard Galvanized

 50X100mm – ‘square’size

 Mesh welded at wire intersections

 3mm Plastic Coated, UV stabilisers

 3.15mm , galvanized straining wire, plastic coated

 50X50mm square tube post, standard galvanized then epoxy powder coated green