Industrial Weldmesh

Industrial Weldmesh is versatile, effective and one of ASF’s most popular fencing systems. It is installed for security, to simply demarcate a property, to contain dogs or create a partition in a factory/business.

Industrial Weldmesh is made from 2.5mm galvanized wire that is difficult to cut with standard hand tools.

A standard installation would include 75-100mm CCA treated gum poles (SABS) which would prevent any insects from damaging the poles and, with straining wire, offer a very solid anchor for the weld mesh fence to be attached.

Many options are available, including square/round galvanized steel posts and base plates (for attachment to concrete floors).

This fencing system follows the gradient thus offering a consistent fence height throughout.

Specs and Features

  • 1.8m high (most common height)
  • 2.5mm wire only
  • 50X100mm – ‘square’size
  • Mesh welded at wire intersections
  • Standard Galvanized
  • 3.15mm , galvanized straining wire
  • CCA treated gum poles (SABS), 75-100mm diameter
  • Every pole cemented into ground
  • Highly adaptable fence (e.g: Steel posts and base plates for factory/bonded store)