Steel Palisade    

Palisade fencing requires no introduction
and is a popular request.

The vast majority of palisade that is installed is of the domestic spec. variation. It offers an aesthetically pleasing fence with many options including galvanized as well as colour (epoxy-powder-coating). Industrial spec. palisade is also available on request.

Palisade is inherently difficult to climb and “snap-off” nuts are used to make it virtually impossible to tamper with. Palisade is best installed with the pales facing out.

Many adaptations are available including base plates for concrete floors, custom heights and bolt-on solutions for existing perimeter walls.

This fencing system traditionally follows the gradient thus offering a consistent fence height throughout, although it can also be stepped.

Specs and Features

 1.8 high (most common height)

 Domestic Specification most common

 42X1.6mm rolled pale

 40X40X2mm angle iron cross member

 50X50X1.6mm square tube post

 Standard Galvanizing

 ABS Plastic Caps on top of posts

 Snap-off nuts (vandal proof)

 All posts cemented into ground

 Highly adaptable fence (e.g: attached to existing wall, or concrete floor)