Super Fence

Super Fence is just that – a super fence! Many consider this fencing system to be the next generation of industrial concrete palisade fencing but with many built-in benefits. This is a formidable barrier and is almost impossible to penetrate and is ideal for high-risk sites and properties looking for a long term solution that is not a solid barrier (such as a wall).

It consists of polymer sleeves that are filled with concrete that dries to a very high MPa (creating a concrete core). The sleeves are imbedded into a 400X600 concrete foundation that provides the added advantage of an anti-dig feature.

Specs and Features

  • 1.8m and 2m high
  • Polymer sleeves filled with a concrete core
  • Incredibly strong – a truly formidable barrier
  • 400X600mm concrete foundation (anti-dig)
  • Neat appearance
  • Green colour helps it blend in to its surroundings