Coil Razor Wire    

Extremely versatile,
neat and effective.

Razor Coil is extremely versatile, neat and effective. It is an ideal application for the top of double brick walls and where there are no safety considerations. Its design has a more three dimensional effect.

It can be attached on the outside of an existing fence, often stacked one row on top of the other, to create a double perimeter barrier solution. In a pyramid formation, it is a formidable free-standing barrier that is incredibly difficult to penetrate.

Razor Ripper Wire is the most advanced razor wire available on the market today. It is considerably thicker than standard razor wire, requiring powerful tools to cut through and offering superb body that lends well to a neat and tidy installation. It is also much sharper than standard razor wire and has a better grade of galvanizing.

Specs and Features

 450mm/730mm/980mm Height

 Next Generation Razor Wire

 High tensile steel reinforced core for maximum strength

 More difficult to cut, sharper, longer blades


 Installed as tie-on/ brackets + straining wire