Flat Wrap Razor Wire    

For small areas that
require security.

Flat Wrap is a very popular choice with our customers. It is used for securing homes, businesses, schools as well as highly secure spaces (including government “point-of-entry’’ zones and prisons).

For small areas that require security, perhaps a section of fence behind the garage, it offers an effective barrier at a low cost.

Predominantly a wall-top solution, Flat Wrap is commonly used when a perimeter requires sensitivity for legal or safety considerations. Common examples include a shared boundary between neighboring properties or a property bordering on a public area (such as a road/street). It secures the exiting fence/wall vertically, with no encroachment into peripheral areas.

Razor Ripper Wire is the most advanced razor wire available on the market today. It is considerably thicker than standard razor wire, requiring powerful tools to cut through and offering superb body that lends well to a neat and tidy installation.

Specs and Features

 500mm/700mm/900mm Height

 Next Generation Razor Wire

 High tensile steel reinforced core for maximum strength

 More difficult to cut, sharper, longer blades


 Best installed with brackets + straining wire